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We've officially changed our name to Blue Vagrants, and have a new site, http://www.bluevagrants.com please visit us there! Thanks...

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Thanks to - Bruce Scofield, Anne Krauss and all our parents for their support, Josh Tetenbaum the awesomest graphics guy ever, Michelle for comi to all our shows ever, Sasha and Jason, Troy Mackey for a great demo, Dave Marcus, Lurik from Madd Muzik, Allyssa and Sarah for cleaning up Hiro's puke from their car, Chris Gesualdi for leading the revolution, Peter Federman, the Skatamatics, Of Blessings and Burdens and anyone who supports us in any way! You guys all rock!

All Original Content Copyright 2004 A Boy Named Pip, except for most of the pictures we just did a google image search for pandas and wrote our names on it, mess with us and hiro will pee on you